In an earlier post I mentioned that I studied psychology. Alhamdulilah I’ve been blessed to work in the field that I studied. The mental health field is very challenging, but can be very rewarding. I get to help individuals help themselves, and change their lives for the better everyday. As much as I enjoy the field that I work in, it can be challenging at times. Working with individuals that have severe and persistent mental illnesses can take a toll on anyone’s health.

When entering the mental health field, the importance of self-care is often stressed. It’s so important to take care of yourself before you can help others. Self-care can be anything that you do to help sustain your well-being. It can be discussing issues with a colleague or friend, praying, shopping, listening to music, or just something you enjoy in general.

For me it is hanging out with family, that is always a good stress reliever. Aside from family one of my other favorite self-care activities to do is watching Netflix or Hulu. Watching a comedy show or a rom-com movie can help me relax (I’ve seen like all of them on Netflix). There are days where life just hits you fast, and you just get overwhelmed with everything. That is when self-care is absolutely necessary. Don’t feel bad for taking time for yourself, after all “health is wealth.”

So, to all of you young adults that are living life full time with school, work, and families I encourage you all to partake in self-care activities. Whether it’s grabbing coffee with a friend or taking a day or two to yourself, self-care is needed. Whatever your self-care activities are do them often, don’t neglect your health for any thing. Nothing comes before your health and well-being.

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