Hi guys! (in my best Dina Tokio voice)

I saw something on social media not too long ago and wanted to discuss it…and what better platform to do it than this blog.

What I saw a few weeks ago kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I saw a few girls talking negatively about a young woman named Halima Aden on Twitter. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Halima Aden, she is a Somali-American model. She was recently featured in Vogue Magazine and walked the runway for Yeezy Season 5. Halima is an inspiration to many, including myself. Seeing a young, Somali, hijabi making it in the fashion world is truly inspiring, but seeing other girls slandering her is kind of frustrating. The fashion world is not very hijabi friendly as it is, so seeing this young woman breaking all these barriers is amazing and you really can’t help but root for her.

These young women’s disparaging comments really made me think of the importance of female support. I think it is vital that we, as women, support and uplift one another. Being in a world that seems so dedicated to tearing women down is difficult and it’s made much more difficult when those that are doing the tearing down are fellow women. Women are conditioned to see each other as competition from a young age, that’s how society wants us to view each other, as adversaries rather than as allies. So, instead of falling into that trap, we should make a conscious effort not to view each other as the enemy. This mentality of “there can only be one woman” only hinders us. We should always remember that someone else’s success does not take away from our own. As women, we should be rooting for one another. I mean, after all shouldn’t we want for our sister what we want for ourselves?

I love seeing other women succeed. It inspires me to see women being brilliant, successful, powerful individuals in their own right. So, ladies, let’s not look at each other as the competition, instead I say we look to each other for inspiration.


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