My first year of motherhood

When you have a child, people tell you that the first year of your child’s life goes by fast, but I did not think it would fly by this fast. This past year has been incredible, filled with so much adventure. It has been amazing to watch the development of this little human that I birthed (I still can’t believe it). In honor of my daughter turning 1, here a list of some of the things I’ve learned in my first year of motherhood: 

  1. Babies grow fast…crazy fast
  2. Birth/labor is different for everyone; from my experience it was not as bad as they make it seem in movies
  3. Formula feeding your baby is okay, anyone who shames you for it does not deserve to be in your life
  4. Nap time is the best time 
  5. You’ll miss the days before they could walk 
  6. Baby nails grow super-fast 
  7. Shopping for my daughter is much more fun than shopping for myself 
  8. People will give you unwanted advice on how to parent, ignore them 
  9. Kamilah would rather play with the door than all the toys she had
  10. Teething is the worst 
  11. Newborns are tiny, you forget how small they are
  12. Take tons of pictures and videos, they grow so fast
  13. Whenever my daughter wraps her little arms around my neck and gives me a baby hug, my heart melts
  14. It’s okay to take some “me” time
  15. The first day back to work after your maternity leave is over is the worst day ever
  16. Anything and everything Kamilah does is the coolest/greatest thing ever 
  17. Baby food stains are super to clean 
  18. I don’t know when it’ll sink in that I’m a parent 
  19. The world is a much scarier place once you’ve had a child
  20. SIDS is terrifying 
  21. Baby feet are so incredibly adorable
  22. Mothers are the strongest people walking this earth 
  23. There is no love like the love a mother has for her child, nothing compares to it 


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